Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Brother and Sisters

This is my little brother. Tony. He was here visiting us from TN for a month. It was the most time I 've spent with him since we were kids. I had forgotten over these 13 years what that connection to another feels like. That connection of a shared life. The memories we share how they are sometimes so much alike and other times so very different. The sense of loyalty we share is something I have always been aware of from my perspective. I however was humbled by the loyalty my brother showed to me while we were together. He has been gone a week now and I have missed him. It took everything I had to not cry when he left.
When people ask me why I have such a large family my response is usually that my brother and I hardly had time to grow up together after our parents divorced that it left me feeling much like an only child and I refused to allow that to happen to my kids. I wanted them to have lots of options of people who knew and loved them (even if that includes a slug now and again) . Now I haven't changed my mind about my kids having lots of love, I however have realised that I had it too and he is my heart. I love you toad.
P.S. Tony is moving back to michigan next week. Happy Day!!!!

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Stephanie said...

Oh Kelli, I am so glad that you had that time with your brother, and he is moving to Michigan.....Awesome!!!! Take care,
Love you:)))))